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Australian law states that every commercial premises must comply with electrical and fire safety standards.

Western Tags Fire and Safety provides testing and tagging of all electrical appliances for businesses across the Melbourne metro area.

Our friendly, professional team can complete the following services at your commercial premises:


Test and tag your electrical items

Having your electrical items tested and tagged will not only give you peace of mind that your staff and visitors are safe and secure when going about their business, but also ensure your premises is protected from the damage that an electrical fire can cause.

Old and worn electrical appliances, such as toasters, microwaves or heaters should be tested to ensure theyre safe for your employees to use.

On construction sites, testing and tagging must be done every 3 months; in a workshop every 6 months and; in office spaces it must be done anywhere between every 12 months and three years to remain compliant.

Check fire safety equipment

Fire safety equipment is vital to saving lives should the worst happen.

All business premises must have up-to-date portable fire equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire hoses and fire blankets, with clear signage located in areas that are obvious to people using the building.

Emergency and exit lighting and smoke detectors must also be in full working order so they provide early warning of fire activity and a clear escape path for staff and visitors to exit the building quickly and efficiently.

Your fire safety equipment can be worthless without maintenance and servicing every 6 months; our friendly team can test and tag all electrical items, particularly emergency and exit lighting, supply fire extinguishers and generally make sure your business is compliant and safe.

Check safety switches/RCD

A safety switch or residual current device (RCD) is the circuit breaker between your business premises and the electrical meter or fuse box that provides power.

Every property has a safety switch that will cut off the electricity if it detects a problem with the supply, usually due to a faulty appliance such as a toaster, fridge or a multi-socket power board.

This basic safety precaution has helped save lives for many years…but your safety switch/RCD needs to be regularly checked to ensure it’s serviceable and responsive.  

The safety switch/RCD on construction sites should be checked monthly; any other commercial premises should be checked annually.

Supply first aid kits

We also supply first aid kits for your business, so you can keep in stock a range of useful items to provide relief to anyone with minor injuries. 

Depending on your industry or workplace, we can tailor a first aid kit to meet the needs of people suffering common small accidents.

Test for any microwave radiation leaks

While our team is testing for electrical safety, we will also check your microwave for leaking radiation using a portable appliance testing device.

Testing your electrical appliances, fire safety equipment and safety switches is quick, easy and will give you the peace of mind you need to run your business.

We have the right advice, great customer service and competitive rates. Our principal technician Stephen Mansell has over 15 years experience in the fire servicing and electrical test and tag industry, working across business all over Melbourne. 

For advice or to book an appointment to service your business premises, simply call Stephen on 0402 621 660!

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